Ideas About Companion Animals

Posted on by Mary Shafer

Since the published goal of this blog is to explore how we view companion animals (specifically, disabled ones), I feel this post is germane:

Are you aware that it is the policy of the American military to leave behind any and all animals that have been “adopted” by fighting forces in an occupied region? Despite the fact that these animals provide sometimes the only emotional solace our troops can find, when it’s time for the troops to ship out, dogs, cats and other critters are left behind like so much debris, to fend for themselves.
Anyone who shares their lives with companion animals know how much suffering this must cause, for both the animals and those who have grown to love and depend on them. Maybe in the past, this harsh policy was required. But today, with modern vaccines and modern transportation modes, it’s a barbaric hangover from another time.

As proven by the shift in policy of the American Red Cross to FINALLY provide shelter for companion animals after the thousands of needless deaths caused when pet owners wouldn’t abandon their beloved critters to evacuate for Hurricane Katrina, it’s time for a new vision of what decency and humanity mean.

Please take a few moments to let the American military know how you feel about this issue by signing the Care2 petition. You’ll be glad you did.

On a related note, there’s a great organization whose sole mission is caring for the pets of soldiers who get shipped out. While they’re away doing their duty, Guardian Angels become foster caregivers for their companion animals until Mom or Dad come home.

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