Posted on by Mary Shafer

Two of my fellow contributors to Almost Perfect were interviewed this week, and I want to share these great audiocasts with you!

Cheryl Caruolo, who wrote about a friend’s special relationship with Krieg, a special German Shepherd, appeared on November 14th’s episode of “The Booth.” This unique show describes itself as “”Imagine sitting in bar next to a booth with 4-5 guys chatting away about anything & everything, and once in a while a friend or two stops by to hang out.” The show features Keith “Sinista1” Hayes, Czman and Ken “Diesel” Diesenhof, and is heard on WXBR 1460 AM out of their Brockton studios 20 miles south of Boston, Mass.

Yeah, you have to get through a bit of frat boy-type stuff first, but the hosts are gracious and interested, and it’s worth the wait to hear Cheryl talk about her involvement in our little project. Check it out!

Vicki Tiernan wrote about her life with Ruby, an irrepressible LabraDobe mix who lost the use of her back legs to a degenerative muscle disease. She was interviewed on Nov. 18th by host Joanne Greene on the Good Dog! podcast. Scroll down to the Nov. 18 entry, and click on “Inspirational Dogs with Disabilities” for almost 13 minutes of interesting and informative entertainment.

Both authors give good ear: They’re poised, eloquent, and passionate about their subjects.


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