California Dreamin’

Posted on by Mary Shafer

What IS it about California that attracts so many wonderful people who love and care for injured, abused, neglected and disabled animals? Must be something in the water, but I think this is a great place to give a few of these special places their props.

One of the most miraculous stories to share is that of Brighthaven in Sebastopol, where Gail and Richard Pope have dedicated their lives — and their home — to caring for animals no one else wants. And they do it in a unique way: Over the years BrightHaven has evolved to become a completely unique holistic retirement retreat and hospice for senior (16+) sick or disabled animals.

Once animals are “adopted” by BrightHaven, they live out their lives in a beautiful, well-balanced environment as part of a loving family. All are free to roam indoors or out in the enclosed gardens. BrightHaven is becoming well known as a healing arts center for animals through its seminar and workshop programs, designed to help people better care for their animals. Well-known practitioners from many walks of natural health join with Brighthaven to offer their knowledge to the community.

Another great California group is BONES – Better Options for NEglected Strays. BONES is named after an early rescue dog. These photos show him before and after being rescued:

There are many, MANY more organizations in the sunny state of California that treat animals they way they should be treated. There’s a great list of these at the Puppy Love Rescue site – another great group. Check them all out!

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