Everything’s Just Ducky!

Posted on by Mary Shafer

Here’s a great “up” ending to the year: the story of Lemon the Duck. Lemon is a crested Pekin. He was born with neurological issues which affect his coordination and balance. He is unable to stand or walk on his own, but he has a sling, a scooter, and other ways to get around. He grew up in a classroom and with his teacher friend, Laura, so he’s an imprinted duck. He just loves people, especially children.

Don’t feel sorry for this duck, though — he has a great life! He goes for rides in his baby carriage, to work every day with Laura and home with her every night. He receives lots of love and attention.

Lemon has had loads of adventures—and consequently so has Laura. He’s been to the mall (many times), outdoor concerts, a powwow, camping, to the dentist, the grocery store (shhh), to New Hampshire to swim in the Saco river, canoe trips, and so many other places.

You can learn lots more about Lemon, and the book Laura wrote about him, at his website.

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