In The Interest of Preventing More Pet Disabilities…

Posted on by Mary Shafer

Okay, here’s one in the vein of trying to keep more animals (and others!) from becoming disabled due to unnecessary injuries:

The UK website, Fit For Life, carries this tidbit from the November 3, 2007 edition of Veterinary Record, the British medical journal. It was contributed by vet Graham Campbell, who asked for it to be as widely publicized as possible. (If you’re squeamish, read with care but please don’t ignore.)

Graham describes a woman coming to the surgery covered in blood and holding a small Jack Russell terrier. The dog had approached and licked the top of a shredder that had been left on standby. The shredder ripped out and shredded the dog’s tongue.

With more of us having these devices in the home to guard against identity theft, the risk of accidents increases. It isn’t just small dogs; it’s cats, children, your hair, even that long drifty scarf wrapped around your neck. It’s whatever touches the shredder when you lean over it to reach something else or to put something through it.

Best solution? Put all shredders out of reach and keep them unplugged unless you’re standing there, feeding paper in.

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