Well, I’ll be dogged!

Posted on by Mary Shafer

Not necessarily about disabled pets, but about all kinds of dog subjects that could include such a topic is reiki practitioner Beth Lowell’s blog, “My Life With Dogs.” She writes about the life she shares with her dogs, Dasher and Bella, and a host of friends and neighbrs of varying species.

Conversational, varied, interesting and written with a genuine voice, this dog blog is a real treat for dog lovers or animal enthusiasts in general. Each post feels like sitting across the kitchen table from a good friend, sharing news of the neighborhood, watching various comings and goings, and sharing a laugh or two. Punctuated by Beth’s Twitter updates, a critter photo gallery, suggested reading list and more, Dog Blog is a real joy.

Give it a shot — I bet in no time, you’ll have subscribed to the RSS feed to get a daily shot of a guilty pleasure. enjoy!

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