Maggie and Mitch – Because I Need Some Sanity

Posted on by Mary Shafer

Okay, I admit it: I’m posting this solely because I need to add some sanity to the world. In the last hour, I’ve read about the unexpectedly steep increase in the melting of the polar ice caps; another mass shooting by some guy who lost his job; a little girl who disappeared from her home neighborhood; and now North Korea has launched a rocket and no one knows exactly why or what’s on it.

You know, I can’t do anything about any of that, not really. But instead of lying awake tonight feeling sick to my stomach about everything bad that’s happening, I’m going to share with you something good: a sweet dog blog called Maggie and Mitch: The Airedales. You really need to check out this amazingly extensive little haven filled with love and licks and tennis balls and sticks, and — yes — even miniature dollhouses, crafted with love and care. (Check out those hardwood floors!)

These dogs have tremendous personalities and a mom who apparently loves them something silly, because she does their bidding in helping them blog lots and lots and lots. So, g’won over and visit these two fuzzy love muffins and say thanks to their mom for sharing their sweet antics with a world gone mad. Who needs Calgon when Maggie and Mitch can take you away? And you don’t even need to be immersed in a tub!

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