Tribute to an Almost Mom

Posted on by Mary Shafer

Here’s a beautiful and touching vid about Terry Albert. She wrote and narrates a poem, I Never Was a Mother, that expresses her love for animals and why she — and so many others like her — rescue homeless pets.

It’s clear from the photos in this vid that some of these animals are disabled, at least temporarily. Though Terry may never have been a mother, she certainly shows all the signs and skills. Anyone who has ever fostered a child, an animal or anyone else can tell you that it takes the same amount of love, patience, compassion and perseverance as it does to be a full-time, long-term parent. Only you also have to have the strength to be able to let go, sometimes before you’re ready.

Terry is also a professional pet sitter, and a generous one at that: she shares pet sitting tips and more at her blog.

Bless Terry and all the other courageous, loving people who understand what giving till it hurts really means. I’m not a religious person, but Mother Theresa is surely one of my heroes, and she definitely got it.

Giving’s not all about money or things. It’s mostly about giving of yourself: your time, your attention, your simple, loving touch to some creature who really needs it.

Are there any of us who do enough of that? I know I could use some work in that area myself. I often confuse being busy with being good. I hope I remember to ask myself — and often — What have I done today to live up to Terry’s example?

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