From Endangered to Empowered

Posted on by Mary Shafer

The term “disabled” can mean many things. There are lots of ways in which a creature can be disabled. In terms of this story, the “disability” was that of leatherback sea turtles being unable to live and reproduce in peace, due to fishing, pollution and — mainly — to being hunted for their meat, flippers and eggs — the latter believed by some to have aphrodisiac qualities.

On a personal note, I am always disgusted beyond belief when humans believe it is somehow their right to maim or kill other creatures solely for the purpose of enhancing their own sexual experiences. Not only is this a repulsive practice from pretty much any perspective, but it says a WHOLE lot about the people engaging in it. Like that maybe they should work harder on their characters than their organs. But back to the real story:

For years these huge, ancient animals were being poached when they came ashore on Trinidad’s Matura Beach to lay their eggs. Once poachers took what they wanted, they left the gigantic carcasses to rot in the tropical sun, stinking up the otherwise beautiful beach. The sight finally become too much for resident Suzan Lakhan Baptiste. And she did something about it.

I’ve just posted the link to CNN‘s story here, so you can read the rest for yourself. But suffice it to say that this woman is a courageous hero who clearly lives her convictions. I hold her up here as an example of what one person can achieve in helping disabled animals when she puts her mind to it.

Brava, Suzan! May you be a shining example to the rest of the world. You certainly are my hero.

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