Double Birthday, and the gift is for YOU!

Posted on by Mary Shafer

Bewildered birthday girl: 48??? I don’t THINK so…

Today I turn 48 years old. I have no idea how that happened. But at least I’m in good company!

The Birthday Queen awakens from her nap on the windowsill.

Joining me in our birthday celebration is Idgie, who turns 7 today. We don’t really know what her actual birthday is, since she’s a rescue, but we figured it was sometime in June — so why not celebrate with Mom?

Some of you know that Idgie is one of our four special needs cats, and the one I wrote about in my essay, “The Thanksgiving Miracle” from our latest book, Almost Perfect: Disabled Pets and the People Who Love Them. That truly was a miraculous holiday, and Idgie continues to be the best gift the universe has ever given me. I will always be thankful for her and all the things she’s taught me.

We’re going to celebrate with a small can of “naughty” wet food (instead of Science Diet) for Idgie (and no, she’s not fat — that’s all fur. She only weighs 9 pounds!) and tostadas at my favorite Mexican restaurant for me. Wish I could claim the same fur thing, but alas…

Anyway, two years from today — when I turn 50 — I’m giving myself the long-awaited gift of a storm chasing vacation in Tornado Alley. So now that I’m on the far side of 40, I’ve got something HUGE to look forward to. Twisters have always terrified me, so I figure the only way to get over that is to face one, up close and personal. It’ll either kill me or I’ll get over this lifelong fear. And yes…I will be wearing a Depends. LOL!

If I can figure out how to do it, I’ll also be blogging that trip from the road. So stay tuned, critter lovers and fellow weather weenies, and buckle your seatbelts — it’s going to be a bumpy ride! (apologies to Bette Davis)

Meanwhile, to celebrate, I’m offering a free copy of Almost Perfect to the first person who emails me (admin AT with the correct answer to this question:

I’m 48 and Idgie is 7, in human years. Who’s actually older, and by how much, in cat years? (I reserve the final judgment on this, based on the source I subscribe to, so no arguing.) Remember to include your snail mail postal address so I can send your prize. Good luck!

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