Ivan – A Love Story

Posted on by Mary Shafer

Every once in a while, Barb Techel over at Joyful Paws lets loose with one of her “Occasional Paws” feature stories. I just had to share this recent one about Ivan the Beagle, because it so perfectly embodies what we’re about here at Almost Perfect Pets.

Those of you who’ve been following for a while might recognize Barb’s name – we featured her blog a bit ago: You know, the one about Frankie, the Walk & Roll Dog. Frankie’s another example of the absolute best that can be brought out of a difficult situation. Barb wrote about her wheeled dachsie in her own book, too!

You know, when I started this blog, I wondered how I was going to keep up with it among all my other obligations. But I’ve come to realize that I look forward to coming here and sharing with you all the beauty of what can happen when humans learn to look past the disabilities to the shining, pulsing vibe of pure love and, yes, joy that just emanates from special needs pets. It’s such a balm against all the bad news that threatens to beat us all down each day, and I’m happy to be able to spread some of the good stuff around this place.

When I got the idea for Almost Perfect, I never dreamed how it would change my life. I just thought it was a neat idea for a book. But through this project, I’ve met some of the most incredible, dedicated, loving and just downright decent human beings I will ever know. And you know who you are. 🙂

Frankie, the face of inspiration

I feel truly blessed to have stumbled upon the wonderful community that has arisen around this topic. Barb was right on when she named her blog and her website “Joyful Paws.” Thanks for sharing all the wonderful stories with us all, and for being part of the solution, Barb!

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