From Chop Shop to Edward Scissorhands

Posted on by Mary Shafer

Warning: This one’s a little hard to take,
until you learn of the happy ending.

“We got this phone call from Escambia County Animal Control and they asked us if we could take a dog whose feet, ears and tail had been cut off,” said Nikki Headley, co-manager of New Beginnings, Destin, Florida’s newest no-kill shelter for disabled pets.

Eddie was brought to a shelter in Pensacola on July 5 by a woman who found Eddie wandering the streets as a stray. The dismembered pooch had a friendly demeanor that did not match his tortured appearance.

Escambia County realized the dog they had affectionately dubbed “Chop Shop” had a slim chance at being adopted in his condition, so they contacted the shelter. Read the rest of the story – It’s truly one of the many examples of how disabled pets overcome situations that most humans would find completely debilitating.

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