Today is "Adopt A Less-Adoptable Pet Day!"

Posted on by Mary Shafer

Yesterday’s guest blogger, our own Roberta Beach Jacobson, alerted me to the fact that today is a very special day, and I wanted to let you know about it.

Tabby’s Place helps lots of less-than-adoptable kitties find forever homes. has designated August 12 as “Adopt A Less-Adoptable Pet Day.”

They even have a special page on their website in recognition of this special day, with all kinds of information about adopting shelter pets deemed less-desirable in most people’s eyes. But the fact that you’re reading this means that you’re NOT “most people.” And most likely, at least some of your friends aren’t, either. You’re special, too…special enough to recognize that every living thing deserves a chance at a good, happy, healthy life full of love and as much compassion as we can give.

“Cow,” a blind, deaf, hypothyroidal and incontinent
dalmatian has found a forever home!

So I ask you today to recognize this special day by talking to at least one other person–preferably someone you wouldn’t normally talk to about this subject, because it does no good to preach to the choir–about “Adopt A Less-Adoptable Pet Day.” Ask them to take a few minutes to visit Petfinder’s special page, and to consider becoming the parent of a deserving animal that no one else can bring themselves to love.

The Senior Dogs Project looks out for older dogs.

Because I know what an amazing group we are, and how capable of doing the impossible (because I have seen it and lived it myself), I have faith that between all of us, we might be able to actually spur the adoption of at least one less-than-adoptable pet. And that will have made the effort worthwhile.

So please: Spread the word today and then let me know what happens…because I know something will.

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