Take THAT, Michael Vick!

Posted on by Mary Shafer


Because the press can’t resist any level of sensationalism, it pretty much seems like any story involving a pit bull has some measure of horror to it. They usually don’t bother to cover the ones where the pit bull is the hero, but this one’s different. Yes, there is an element of horror, but in the end, the dog prevails.

According to yesterday’s Chicago Tribunal:


By all accounts, Red is a great dog. The 7-year-old pit bull knows more than a dozen commands – verbally and through hand signals. He is playful, smart, protective. And that last attribute almost got him killed.

Back in July, two gunmen attacked and robbed Red’s elderly owner in his West Side garage, beat him severely and tied him up. Then they burglarized the man’s home, where Red was. And they shot the dog. The attack is still under investigation, according to the Chicago Police Department.

“I guess Red was doing his job, defending his master’s property, and they shot him in the back, paralyzed him,” said the victim, a man in his 60s who asked that his name not be used.


Go to the full story to read more, where you’ll find a heroic Red beating the odds to survive and, finally, thrive. Who’s the man now, Michael Vick?

PS – I had written here about never buying another pair of Nikes OR Reeboks. I have since been informed that, though both seriously considered giving Vick an endorsement deal, both withdrew their offers after he was convicted of dogfighting and animal cruelty. So, I stand corrected.


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