It’s Nice to Share.

Posted on by Mary Shafer

Hey, Y’all –

Sorry I’ve been AWOL for two weeks! I took a much-needed brief vacation to beautiful Cape Cod (the New York Thruway at this time of year is just full of incredible scenic beauty!). Then we weren’t back even a week when both humans here at Hill House came down with God-knows-what; some kind of flu.

Is it the H1N1 or “swine flu” form? Not sure (and is it just me, or does that name read “hiney” if you look at it really quickly? Like “hiney virus” or “hiney swiney?” Okay, I’m done. No one’s ever accused me of being overly mature…), but I can report with absolute veracity that I don’t recall having been this sick in years…

But I’m back now, easing back into the work routine. In that vein, I thought it would be nice to steer away from some of the heavier stuff this blog has been dealing with lately. Instead, I’d like to share with you one of the blogs I follow.

Khyra’s Khorner is just a lovely little blog where Khyra, the Siberian Husky (and sometimes her mom) share their many, varied and interesting thoughts on pretty much everything dog, occasionally about cats and other critters, and often about their humans, as well. I’ve never met Khyra or her mom, though we do live in the same state of “Pawsylvania.” But I hope someday we DO get to meet, because these galz are both just sweet, kind and thoughtful beings who really care about others and use their blog to try to help many critter-related causes.

I learn so much about so many things on Khyra’s blog (and did I mention the truckload of great photos she always shares with us? You can’t help but be buoyed by the fantastic furries she features!). One of those things I learned about was that the University of Georgia’s Veterinary School is in desperate need of funds to build a new teaching hospital. I think this is such a great cause that I’m making this offer:

Go visit Khyra’s blog and find the link called “Let’s Build A Hospital.” Read all about it, and check out all the other kewl stuff there. Then, come on back here. The first one to email me with the full answer to this question – What’s the name of the fund and how much money are they trying to raise? — will earn a copy of “Twelve Days of a Canine Christmas” by Betty Linkinhoker, for themselves and one for Khyra.

It’s a great little gift book and just my way of saying thanks for caring about this very important effort, and for Khyra’s khonstant khalling of our attention to these khinds of things that really matter. So get in the holiday spirit and enter our Khyra Khares Khontest! And while you’re at it, if you can afford a little gift of your own to the hospital’s fund drive, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

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