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Posted on by Mary Shafer

When things get busy, I save up links for when I’ll have time to post. Today’s post is one of these. Back in late October, I came across a great post from Jan’s Funny Farm, a blog about…oh, what else? Critters!

This particular post is titled “Rewards of Disabled Pets.” Guest blogger Dr. Susan Wright discusses the extra effort required to live with disabled pets, and the extra rewards one earns through this type of care. Sound familiar? Thought it might. You’ll enjoy this one.

Dr. Wright, a licensed veterinarian, writes on various topics for, which provides do-it-yourself underground electric dog fencing solutions and training for owners. Now I must admit, the jury’s still out for me on the whole electric fence thing. I struggle with whether it’s ethical — it seems to me it must hurt the animal — but then again, if it’s the only viable solution to keep pups in the yard and out of the street and harm’s way…isn’t an electric sting better than a bumper bash or worse?

Dr. Susan Wright

But from what I’ve seen on the Web, Dr. Wright knows her stuff, and she talks here about having extra patience if you intend to work with special needs pets. She also gives a pretty good overview of common issues that can cause disability in dogs. Worth a read.

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