Here Comes the Sun…

Posted on by Mary Shafer

No, the hydrangeas aren’t out yet, but they will be soon…

Hey, everybody — Happy Spring! I can’t remember the last time I was this glad to scoot Winter out the door and fling the door wide open for Spring to come through. Here in eastern Pennsylvania, we enjoyed a solid weekend of sunny skies and temps near 75° — and Boy Howdy, did I need that! Idgie, Weaver, Winkie and Boo Kitty also enjoyed the reprieve, lying in the open windows for the first time this year. LOVE that sight!

Idgie’s never far from my office window when the weather’s nice.

It was a long, cold, snowy winter (cue the strains of “Here Comes The Sun“) — still is for plenty of folks — and I’m so thankful for this gift of golden days so early in the season. We cleaned up the broken branches from the yard, fixed all the places our gutters went askew from the heavy ice load after the blizzards, brought out the patio furniture, grilled our first burgers for dinner, and ended the evening enjoying a fire in our chiminea while birds chirped in the soft, orange glow of dusk. What a renewal for our flagging spirits!

Speaking of spiritual renewal, I’d like to invite you all over to our new Almost Perfect Facebook Fan Page. Less than two weeks ago, I thought it might be fun to put one up and see what would happen. What happened was 370 fans already! How incredibly wonderful to realize how many folks there are out there who believe, as we do, in the importance of calling attention to the misinformation surrounding disabled animals, and the positive power they can have on all our lives if we only let them.

I hope you’ll join in the many interesting conversations taking place there. One that I found particularly renewing was the video posted of Zoey, the award-winning whippet.

I leave you with the reminder that it’s less than a month-and-a-half until National Disabled Pets Day is celebrated on May 3rd. We’re planning a little event, about which we’ll share more details as the day draws closer. What are you planning to do to observe/celebrate this great day? Let us know, and we’ll share your news here at Almost Perfect Pets.

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