WOW! Almost Perfect has touched a chord!

Posted on by Mary Shafer

Almost Perfect’s Facebook Fan Page garnered 400 fans in its first two weeks!

I’m so thrilled to report that Almost Perfect‘s new Facebook Fan Page has garnered more than 400 fans in its first two weeks of life.


That’s all I can say. I’ve mentioned it here and there, but not really pounded the promo, and four HUNDRED people found us and decided our discussion of the way almost perfect pets are treated in this world is worth joining. I don’t know about you, but I find that pretty humbling, and definitely worth celebrating! Here’s our little, 128-page anthology, published because 11 authors felt they had something worthwhile to say, and now more than 400 people have agreed with us. They’re joining in our conversation and — obviously — inviting their friends to join in, too!

As an author, this is such a thrill. But as a publisher, it is nothing short of intensely gratifying to know that a project I took a chance on is really beginning to get some traction with folks outside our ring of immediate friends and family. I’m so proud of all my fellow contributors to Almost Perfect for having helped me produce a book that’s truly worth reading on every level.

Based on the fact that the new fan page has generated all these new followers but only a few new orders for the book, I can only guess that our current economic malaise continues to affect people’s willingness to take a chance on a new book. Sure, they love the topic, but for thirteen hard-earned bucks, will they enjoy the read? With so few discretionary dollars these days, I understand this attitude: You need to really invest your entertainment dollars wisely. So I was thinking about how we could make that decision easier for our new friends, and I came up with an idea:

I KNOW folks want to read our book. But they need to be sure they’re getting value for their investment. So, I figure it’s time to celebrate our 400+ new friends with a special offer that will leave no doubt about value for our critter-loving readers:

The first 400 people who order a copy of Almost Perfect from our website will automatically receive a FREE copy (completely free, not even extra shipping charges) of Mission: Murder, the first in our new Hattie Farwell Mystery Series. All they have to do is type “Free Mission” in the Comments box on the order screen. How’s that for value?

Mission: Murder won a coveted IPPY Silver Medal for Best Regional Fiction, 2009.

Mission: Murder introduces Hattie Farwell, a feisty old broad in picturesque Bucks County, Pennsylvania, who becomes a sleuth by accident when her best friend is killed under suspect circumstances. She solves the case with the aid of her loyal sidekick Wolf, a huge Irish Wolfhound mix, whom she rescued from running wild in the forest that surrounds her home. Think of the setting as our area’s answer to Jessica Fletcher’s Cabot Cove, and you get the idea. And from there, Hattie and Wolf are off on an adventure that so far spans seven titles with another on the way.

Hattie Farwell and her dog, Wolf

These difficult economic times have been hard on Hattie and Wolf, since tight purse strings have kept many folks from taking a chance on a new series. But we’re so certain that they’ll fall in love with these endearing characters that we’re willing to give these copies away for free, just to get the books into readers’ hands. (And don’t just take our word for it: Mission: Murder was awarded the coveted IPPY Silver Medal for Best Regional Fiction in 2009! Congratulations to our author Betty Kerr Orlemann for that coup on her first book right out of the block!)

Mission: Murder author Betty Kerr Orlemann wearing her
Silver IPPY Medal for Best Regional Fiction 2009

So if you’ve been thinking about buying Almost Perfect but have been waiting for the right time, that time has arrived. Get the book you know you want, plus another one we’re sure you’ll love for yourself or a friend (or both!). Order today, because the offer’s good only for the first 400 copies or until April 15, whichever comes first!

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