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Barb Techel and Frankie the Walk ‘n Roll Dog visit with Bryan, the very nice producer
and co-host of The Breakfast Club on WCUB-AM 980 radio in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Okay, I can’t believe it’s been almost two months since I posted here. Bad, BAD blogger. Well, I’m back, and happy to be here!

Truth is, I needed a break — from the blog, from the office, from my life — so I took one! Spent most of May recovering from a nasty case of poison ivy

My face is swollen to about half again its normal size here.
At least my eye was back open by then. It was bad. And painful. Ugh.

and working my patoot off so I could take a much-needed 10-day road trip in mid-June. Aside from my having turned 49 in the middle of it (yes, and lived to tell!), it was one of the most fun, interesting and renewing experiences I’ve had in a while.

I attended my 31st high school reunion in the company of two wonderful friends and caught up with some other great pals I’ve missed a lot:

I almost got caught in a tornado in the parking lot of a shopping center in Fort Wayne, Indiana:

One of the most exciting experiences I’ve ever had.
And really, really SCARY!

Got funky with some dude in seriously red hair:

And no, I wasn’t drinking — it was only 9 a.m.!
But seriously, folks — what the HELL am I doing here?

One big highlight: I got to personally meet and hang out with author Barb Techel and the subject of both her books, Frankie, the Walk n’ Roll Dog! In fact, we even did a radio show together while I was there, about — what else? — living with disabled pets. We also made a call on a wonderful book store in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, while we were there! (Photo of the radio show at top — I’m not in it cuz I took the pic!) But here I am lovin’ on Frankie:

Is it just me, or does Frankie look scared?
I wasn’t hurting her, honest…

I also met Frankie’s sister, Kylie — a big, galumphy ol’ yella lab who I just adore — and their dad, John (who’s a weather weenie like me – yay!) We had a really great time and I hope I get back there to see them all again soon!

So that’s why I was playing hooky. Well, that and I am working on revising my book about the Delaware River flood of 1955 and getting out another of our author’s new books…

Oh, and before I forget — since this IS, after all, Almost Perfect Pets — For those of you with disabled dogs, here’s a neat little blog I ran across today. It gives some good info about how special needs dogs may be more at risk for other issues than pets without special needs. Good to know!

Hope you’re all enjoying your summer and staying cooler than we’re able to here in 100-degree-plus land. Remember your critters are as vulnerable to heat if not more than you are, so keep in mind those Three Hs:

  1. Hide from the sun.
  2. Hydrate.
  3. Hang out where it’s cool.

And there’s always that best of all Hs while you’re doing it all: Hug yer furry friend!

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