A Truly Oscar-Worthy Performance!

Posted on by Mary Shafer

Oscar, the world’s first bionic cat — or, as I like to think of him,
a very modern pirate kitty. He’s stolen our hearts. ARRRRRRR!

Oscar, a native of Britain’s Channel Islands, lost an argument with the business end of a combine harvesting machine. The results weren’t pretty. Having seen the results of a similar accident with a kitten when I was very small, I can say this with authority.

Fortunately for Oscar, the outcome was much happier — and history-making, to boot! Oscar was fortunate to receive immediate medical care, and has become the world’s first bionic cat. Check out The Cat’s Meow blog for the rest of the story.

And what a hope-filled and inspiring story it is! So glad to be able to share yet another winning kitty with you here on Almost Perfect Pets! Thanks to Dena and several others for bringing this story to my attention.

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