Pet News and Views Likes "Almost Perfect!"

Posted on by Mary Shafer

Michele Hollow’s blog has a little something for all critter lovers!

Our friend Michele Hollow over at Pet News and Views has posted a positive review of Almost Perfect, and we sure thank her for her kind words. She says, “This compilation of true stories about animals with disabilities and the people who care for them is uplifting, and at times quite funny.”

We couldn’t agree more, and we’re happy that such a well-known and loved critter blogger has found us worthy of readers’ consideration. In fact, others are watching, too, because Michele’s review got picked up by the good folks at! These folks are all about making a difference (I’ll bet some of our readers are members there, as we are), so we’re just wowed that they also like our work.

Thanks, everyone, for helping us spread the good word about critters who can!

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