Happy Birthday, Frankie!

Posted on by Mary Shafer

Just had to sign on for a quick well-wishing to our little pal Frankie, the Walk ‘n Roll Dog. Frankie’s ten years old today, and has now been bringing her parents, Barb and John, joy for a decade!

Frankie’s one of the first special needs critters who welcomed us on the scene back in 2008 when we first released Almost Perfect. Since then, we’ve gotten to be very good friends and even got to meet each other in person earlier this summer during my trip to the Midwest. I felt very comfortable at home with Frankie, Barb, John and Kylie, Frankie’s big blonde sister, and really miss seeing them all.

Everybody jump on over to wish Frankie a fantastic fun time today. We all hope she’s rolling into at least another decade of adventures and educating people about IVDD in dachshunds, and about how pets can live full, rich, happy lives even with a disability.


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