An Update on Tashi

Posted on by Mary Shafer

Those who’ve been following Almost Perfect Pets for a while will remember Tashi, the little gray tiger who serves as mascot for Tabby’s Place Cat Sanctuary in Ringoes, NJ. I’ve blogged about him before, when he came to visit to represent Tabby’s Place at our Prevent Cruelty to Animals Week presentation a couple years ago, and again when I did my MLK Jr. Day of Service last year at Tabby’s.

Photo of Tashi in his cart from SparkleCat’s blog

Well, I’m always interested in keeping up with Tashi’s progress, and thought you might be, too. So here’s an update:

A week ago, Sparkle, the award-winning author, supermodel and cat, interviewed Tashi on her blog.

Sparkle is one beautiful puss.

There’s a LOT of great information on all the fantastic progress Tashi’s made in regaining mobility. I could blather on about it, but I think Sparkle did a great job, so I’ll just share that interview with you here! Hint: Tashi’s got a cart — we’re so excited! Thanks for the great interview, Sparkle!

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