Progress! It’s Official: People Are Changing Their Minds About Disabled Pets

Posted on by Mary Shafer

Animal health specialists, rescue volunteers and medical supply makers all say they’ve seen a growing willingness in the American public to adopt or care for pets with ailments that once would have met with certain euthanization.

So says this article in the Winnipeg Free Press. We’re just tickled that it refers to our friends Leslie over at Pawsible Marketing, Ed and Leslie at Eddie’s Wheels and Joyce and Mike over at Pets With Disabilities! All fantastic folks we follow on their blogs and many SocMed sites.

Leslie at Eddie’s says it best, winding up the article with, “These animals don’t feel sorry for themselves one little bit,” she said. “They really have a lot to teach us.”

It’s not a sentiment any of us will find surprising, but the fact that the message is getting out to the wider public is so very encouraging! The original Associated Press article by Tom Breen was picked up by many online news sites, including the Washington Examiner. So it’s heartening to know our efforts are having some positive impact.

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