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Today, I just want to share a little bit of this and a little bit of that, all of it about disabled pets.

Daisy was always looking up to the positive side of life. Look at that smile!

First off, it would hardly be fitting to start with anything other than a nod to Daisy, the sweet little Doxie who, for 16 years, was the mascot for our friends at Eddie’s Wheels. Daisy crossed the Rainbow Bridge last week, and is now running unencumbered through the fields of gold. We will miss her stalwart little presence, but I could hardly do justice to saying goodbye any more than Barb Techel did over on her Joyful Paws blog. Daisy and Eddie’s Wheels played a huge part in the story of Frankie, The Walk ‘n Roll Dog, so I’ll just let her say it much better than I could.

Next, I want to share a discussion of a great book about a blind cat and his amazing story. This one covers Homer’s Odyssey over at SodaHead. Great discussion with author Gwen Cooper!

And last for today, a tale about living with a disabled cat named Basil.

I think it’s appropriate on this MLK’s Birthday observance day, which so many of us mark by contributing a day of public service, to reflect on the service rendered by individuals to their disabled pets, and the incredible service they receive in return.


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