Sparky Finds A Home

Posted on by Mary Shafer

At one time, Sparky the black & white dachshund was trapped in Nowheresville — a shelter dog with few prospects for any kind of a quality life. After all, who would choose a deaf dachshund from among all the other animals without special needs?

But then he was chosen to be trained in a prisoner rehab program in a Missouri state correctional facility. And instead of being returned to the shelter, Sparky was given to the Missouri School for the Deaf. And there he is thriving, among students and faculty who see him as something of a mascot.

This is his story, yet another one proving that home is where the heart is, that the families we choose are often more comfortable than the ones we’re born into, and that in return for the extra care they require, special needs pets often give back far more than we invest. Enjoy.

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