What We Can Learn From Old Animals

Posted on by Mary Shafer

Photo of an elderly dog


No one who’s lived around an aging animal or person can argue that age often brings with it many forms of disability. When those disabilities get too difficult, it’s easy to turn away, not wanting to see. But Philadelphia fine art photographer Isa Leshko has made it a point not to allow us that easy out.

In her latest series, Elderly Animals, she has done something akin to that which Georgia O’Keeffe did with flowers we normally walk right by, when she blew them up to supersized portraits we couldn’t ignore. Leshko has, with this series of direct portraits of old animals, made it impossible for us to turn away and not see. And isn’t that what great art is really about…making us get over ourselves enough to let in some new information and ideas? I strongly recommend checking out a few of the images and reading this fascinating piece about how the photographer came to create this moving body of work.

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