The Conversation Has Begun

Posted on by Mary Shafer

I’m truly heartened to see that the conversation around special needs pets has truly taken hold of society at large, at least in most developed countries. I’ve seen more and more newspaper, magazine and online media outlets covering this topic, and wanted to share a few of the latest of these with you here.

Tulsa Pets Magazine Logo

Tulsa Pets Magazine recently ran an article by Anna Holton-Dean, talking about this very topic. Check out A Different Kind of Able.

Christine Martinez pinned a piece about Carli Davidson’s Disabled Pets photography exhibit, which I covered in my last post, on her Pinterest page.


Eddie's Wheels logo

Eddie’s Wheels, that bastion of support for critters whose legs need some help, gave us a wonderful post, Living With Disabled Pets — Impact on Your Home, on its blog.


IVG Logo

Massachusetts Veterinary Hospital’s InTown Veterinary Group recently gave us the uplifting Born To Ride: Disabled Pets Still Have A Great Quality of Life!


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Every Playlist thought The King’s photo of a wheelie dog was entertaining enough to include on its site, and I’ll leave you with that happy image.

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