Some heartwarming stories and a teaser for next week!

Posted on by Mary Shafer

Sometimes I just want to share some good news about our favorite subject here at Almost Perfect Pets. Today, here’s a great piece about special needs dogs celebrating a new dog park that welcomes them.

And here’s a whole collection of wonderful news about almost perfect pets who are beating the odds and living happy lives.

And I want to give you the heads-up on a very special post you’ll see in this space next week Tuesday, May 29:

Almost Perfect Pets will be hosting its very first Guest Blogger! We’re excited to welcome author Valerie Lee Veltre, who penned the adorable Moo Kitty Finds A Home, as she gives us a bit of insight on the subject of her book: the need to adopt older pets, and how these senior animals can bring a special kind of love into our lives. Be here!

One Response to “Some heartwarming stories and a teaser for next week!”

  1. Barbara Techel

    How great is this? Thanks for sharing, Mary! I’ll also look very forward to Valerie’s guest post. I ADORE her children’s book!! It’s one of the best!