A Potpourri of Almost Perfect Pet News

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This is our Happy Birthday, America! edition, and we hope you enjoyed your July Fourth holiday. Here at Almost Perfect Pets, we’re always celebrating freedom — from old ways of thinking about pet injuries and disabilities, from prejudice against almost perfect critters. For this special edition, we’ve got a roundup of news to share about a bevy of special  needs pet-related topics, so here goes:

Husky in doggie wheelchair

On a subject near and dear to our hearts, Trupanion, the second-largest and fastest growing pet insurance provider, has announced the addition of mobility devices, including pet wheelchairs and prosthetics, to its core coverage. Given that lack of financial means to purchase a wheel cart is all too often the deciding factor to either give up for adoption or — even worse — to euthanize a beloved pet instead of equipping them for continued happy life, this is a real boon to our own efforts to educate people about their options with special needs pets. After all, we can lead a horse to water, but if he can’t afford to drink, the previously merely sad becomes tragic. So this is definitely great news that will lead to more happy tails!

Beagle in a wheelie cart

On  a related note, PawNation offers a great page of Tools and Tips For Life With A Disabled Pet, sure to be informative reading for anyone considering adopting or rescuing an almost perfect pet.

Surf Dog Ricochet

Last month at the Fiesta Del Paws 2012 celebration, San Diego‚Äôs Surf Dog Ricochet and her owner Judy Fridono were presented with the PAWS Companion for Life Award. Surf Dog Ricochet has been raising awareness and funds for human/animal causes since she surfed with her first beneficiary, quadriplegic surfer Patrick Ivison, on August 20, 2009. 21 months later, on July 25, 2011, she raised her $100,000th dollar for the New Jersey SPCA — pretty special pupper! Ricochet has held more than 40 fundraisers, and raised funds/awareness for more than 150 human/animal causes including people with disabilities, adaptive surfing, autism, military veterans and their dogs, K9 cancer, disabled pets, shelters, rescues, animal welfare organizations, and more. We’re really proud of Surf Dog Ricochet and Judy for the important work they do. Surf on!

 Hope, a three-legged dog, inspires

Pet lovers in South Florida have opened their hearts and homes to animals with disabilities. Check out the video about this new Alaskan Husky foster group, and a woman who found inspiration through Hope.

Guardians Paws, a non-profit group based in Clarington — a suburb of Toronto, Ontario, Canada — donates professional services to help specially-abled pets in their community. The organization offers services such as hydro, behavioral and laser light therapies to help rehabilitate pets at local rescues and shelters. Currently in its second year, the charity staged its first Guardians Paws Walk ‘N Roll event in May, to raise awareness and funds for specially-abled animals. Read more about this pawesome group!

Corky the cat

Here’s a GREAT page, filled with hopeful, inspiring stories of Corky the Cat, who was born with her legs on backwards but is now recovering from surgery that will allow her to walk; 12 tips for living with a blind dog; a heartening tale of friendship between Tanner the blind Golden Retriever and Blair the Black Labrador mix; and introducing Naki’o, the world’s first four-pawed bionic dog!

Tripod Winston

And we wind up today with a great post at PetSafe about living with disabled pets, All Pets Are Special — starring Winston, a happy little guy who’s now living large as a tripod. We couldn’t agree more that all pets are special — some are just more special than others, and those are Almost Perfect. As always, enjoy the great news and please, share it with your friends. It’s all about winning hearts and minds to the cause of embracing and celebrating full lives for almost perfect pets. Thanks.

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