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Two of my fellow contributors to Almost Perfect were interviewed this week, and I want to share these great audiocasts with you! Cheryl Caruolo, who wrote about a friend’s special relationship with Krieg, a special German Shepherd, appeared on November 14th’s episode of “The Booth.” This unique show describes itself as “”Imagine sitting in bar… Read more »

You gotta love Homer!

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Gwen Cooper blogs about her blind cat, Homer, at What a fantastic little guy, what a great story, and what a great mom he has! Gwen reports she’s just sold her story of Homer to Bantam Dell, so let’s all watch for that book when it comes out. She’s got us on her list,… Read more »

Not Completely Disabled…

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…but fun and interesting! It’s all about Dr. Dick’s kittehs at his blog, “Thoughts on a Train.” For those of you who don’t know about kittehs, you need to visit I Can Has Cheezburger! No self-respecting cat lover can claim the title without at least an introduction to ICHC and LOLspeak. Enjoy!