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Quirky cutie Corky Concentrates on Convalescence

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Say THAT one five times fast! But it’s a story I just HAD to share with you, because Corky is likely on her way from euthanasia endangerment to poster child for the “rescue a disabled pet” movement. I don’t wanna spoil the story, so go on over and read for yourself this heartwarming tale of… Read more »

We’re A Trend!

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When we published Almost Perfect: Disabled Pets and the People Who Love Them, there was no other book available that was devoted solely to the stories of special needs pets. Within a year of its publication, there were three other similar titles. Conventional wisdom in the publishing industry is that if there’s no other book… Read more »

Go, Gizmo! A Sweet, Blind Girl Grabs the Spotlight

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Who says “almost perfect” ain’t good enough? Certainly not Gizmo, the sixteen-year-old, blind cat who snagged an unlikely 14th place in the Cat Fanciers Association cat show in February. She had just about everything going against her, including the fact that she lives at the¬†NatCat shelter in Spring Valley, California. But she didn’t let any… Read more »

The Conversation Has Begun

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I’m truly heartened to see that the conversation around special needs pets has truly taken hold of society at large, at least in most developed countries. I’ve seen more and more newspaper, magazine and online media outlets covering this topic, and wanted to share a few of the latest of these with you here. Tulsa… Read more »

What We Can Learn From Old Animals

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  No one who’s lived around an aging animal or person can argue that age often brings with it many forms of disability. When those disabilities get too difficult, it’s easy to turn away, not wanting to see. But Philadelphia fine art photographer Isa Leshko has made it a point not to allow us that… Read more »

Frank and Louie: When Being Two-Faced Isn’t A Slur

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This kitty was born with two faces, one of an uncommon type of cat called “Janus cats,” after the Roman mythological god whose one face looked to the past, while the other looked to the future. And what do you call a two-faced cat, but two names? This one’s Frank and Louie, and I think… Read more »