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You’ve Heard of Fuzzy Dice…

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…but have you heard of Operation Fuzzy Mice? No, seriously: It’s a program in California, put together by a woman named Michelle Lyon, to provide vet care and other pet-related resources — either by paying for it directly or by referral and networking — to low-income families who own pets, and who would otherwise have… Read more »

Pet News and Views Likes "Almost Perfect!"

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Michele Hollow’s blog has a little something for all critter lovers! Our friend Michele Hollow over at Pet News and Views has posted a positive review of Almost Perfect, and we sure thank her for her kind words. She says, “This compilation of true stories about animals with disabilities and the people who care for… Read more »

A Truly Oscar-Worthy Performance!

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Oscar, the world’s first bionic cat — or, as I like to think of him,a very modern pirate kitty. He’s stolen our hearts. ARRRRRRR! Oscar, a native of Britain’s Channel Islands, lost an argument with the business end of a combine harvesting machine. The results weren’t pretty. Having seen the results of a similar accident… Read more »

Amazing Grace

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Thanks to our friend Caryn for this latest cute kitteh, star of today’s love story: It really needs no other commentary, so I’ll just share it with you here. Always happy to have some GOOD news to spread around! And here’s the song to go with it!

Haiku for a small gray cat

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I was going through some files today and ran across this little poem — a long haiku — I wrote about Idgie. I wrote it three years before Almost Perfect came out, and can see the beginnings of my frustration with people’s attitudes toward special needs pets. Art is kewl. I need rain or at… Read more »


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Barb Techel and Frankie the Walk ‘n Roll Dog visit with Bryan, the very nice producerand co-host of The Breakfast Club on WCUB-AM 980 radio in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Okay, I can’t believe it’s been almost two months since I posted here. Bad, BAD blogger. Well, I’m back, and happy to be here! Truth is, I… Read more »

Teleseminar Rescheduled!

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This is a bittersweet post today. I’m very happy to report that our FREE teleseminar, Inspired and Inspiring – The Rewards and Challengesof Living with Disabled Pets has been re-scheduled with Conscious Cat host Ingrid King to 8 PM EDT on Thursday, June 24th. I’ll be joining Ingrid and Barb Techel, mom to Frankie the… Read more »

Idgie Has A New Pal

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Barb Techel and her little girl, Frankie the Walk ‘n Roll Dog, have become Skype pals of Idgie’s and mine. Wanted to share Barb’s blog post over at Joyful Paws on the subject with you. I never would have believed how creating Almost Perfect has changed my life, especially through all the wonderful people and… Read more »