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Teleseminar Postponed; Tune in Friday for a radio show

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Hey, everyone – I’m sorry to have to report that our upcoming teleseminar with Ingrid King and Barb Techel has had to be postponed. I’m especially sorry because it’s due to trouble that Ingrid’s having with her dear tortie cat, Amber. She’s been in the emergency room with her after days of trouble with her… Read more »

Inspired and Inspiring

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Okay, Y’all – I’m excited! In less than a week, I’ll be appearing (well, my voice will be, anyway) with Barb Techel, mom of Frankie, the Walk ‘n Roll Dog, on a FREE Teleseminar titled “Inspired and Inspiring: The Rewards and Challenges of Living With Disabled Pets.” Our host will be Ingrid King, author of… Read more »

Stamps to the Rescue!

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If you’re like most folks, you sigh every time you put a stamp on a letter. Forty-four cents, for pete’s sake, to mail a first-class envelope! You can’t even buy three stamps for a buck anymore. But today, you can feel a little better about spending your money on postage. That’s right. This month, you… Read more »

How Pets Rescue Us

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Winkie saves me from another boring day at the office. I’ve just finished reading a very interesting blog post that discusses the scientific approach to gauging the interaction between rescued animals and people who are somehow in need of rescue themselves. It includes a really great passage about a prison program through which inmates work… Read more »

Lemon Likes Us!

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Lemon the Duck I can’t remember if I ever posted this review from Lemon the Duck and her mom, so sharing it with you now! Lemon also has her own book.Almost Perfect would make good beach reading, so if you’re headed out for a vacation any time soon, pick up a copy and take these… Read more »

Kudos to an "Almost Perfect" Author!

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Sharon’s friend Julia shows Sharon’s whippet, Scout,to a championship at the Eurasia Dog Show in Moscow, Russia. Taking this opportunity to congratulate Sharon Sakson, one of the authors who contributed to Almost Perfect, on her whippet’s win at the Moscow Dog Show. Sharon’s dog, Scout—also known as Champion Hitor Go Your Own Way in Paris—was… Read more »

Spring’s Rebirth: Service Dogs Bring Hope for PTSD Vets, Inmate Trainers

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Photo courtesy of the New York Times Mostly we talk here about disabled pets, but seeing as we’re in Spring and the Easter period — a time for new beginnings and rebirth — I thought it appropriate to share this video with you. It’s about how dogs being trained as service companions for military veterans… Read more »

WOW! Almost Perfect has touched a chord!

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Almost Perfect’s Facebook Fan Page garnered 400 fans in its first two weeks! I’m so thrilled to report that Almost Perfect‘s new Facebook Fan Page has garnered more than 400 fans in its first two weeks of life. Wow. That’s all I can say. I’ve mentioned it here and there, but not really pounded the… Read more »