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Another new book to check out!

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Well, it may be a bad year for lots of things — including the publishing industry at large — but it’s certainly been a good one for books about special critters! Here’s the latest in the bumper crop: TO THE RESCUE: Found Dogs with a Mission will be available from Skyhorse Publishing on November 1…. Read more »

Meet Yu Chan, An Almost Perfect Turtle

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A little over a year ago Yu Chan, a 20-year-old loggerhead turtle, became entwined in fishermen’s nets in the Kii channel in Japan. Her wounds indicated she had also been attacked by a shark. She’d lost half of one forelimb, and a third of the other. She was brought to the Sea Turtle Association of… Read more »

Sticky gets a new home!

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It’s been a bad month in Philly for animals. Among other things, some stupid dude duct-taped a small gray tiger cat from neck to toes and left her to die. Thankfully, he didn’t finish the job by covering her breathing apparatus, and someone called animal rescue, so she was saved. Here’s the happy story, telling… Read more »

The Counselors Are In

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Found an interesting post over at Divine Caroline’s blog about Rolling Dog Ranch, a great animal sanctuary we’ve mentioned on here before. But for those who haven’t read about them, it’s a great little refresher piece. Check out “Counselors Help Families Care for Their Disabled Pets.” I think you’ll dig it!

Happy Birthday, Super Man.

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Christopher Reeve, Actor and Activist, 1952-2004 Today would have been Christopher Reeve’s 57th birthday. Though I enjoyed the first Superman movie and his time-travel romance, “Somewhere In Time” (best part: the soundtrack), I can’t say I was a huge fan of his film work. Oh, he was a good enough actor. But it was what… Read more »

A Dragon Lives Forever…But Not So, Little Girls

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Mary Travers, 1936-2009 Late last night, just before shutting down my computer, I learned I had lost someone who was very important in my early life. Mary Travers, one-third of the trio “Peter, Paul and Mary,” left us yesterday. She had battled leukemia for years, and I’m glad she’s no longer suffering. But oh, how… Read more »