Cheryl Caruolo

Woo-Hoo! Another of our authors makes a splash!

Our own Cheryl Caruolo is making headlines in her Boston-area hometown blog, Wicked Local! She talks about her piece, Battle for Life: Krieg, that appears in our Almost Perfect anthology. Little Krieg, the runt of his litter, didn’t standmuch of a chance when he was born. This affecting piece about how a runt-of-the-litter German shepherd… Read more »


Two of my fellow contributors to Almost Perfect were interviewed this week, and I want to share these great audiocasts with you! Cheryl Caruolo, who wrote about a friend’s special relationship with Krieg, a special German Shepherd, appeared on November 14th’s episode of “The Booth.” This unique show describes itself as “”Imagine sitting in bar… Read more »