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A Nearby Friend

Shout out to a new supporter and friend: Welcome Megan Drake, the Philadelphia Dog Advocate Examiner. Megan blogs about all things dog at the Philly Examiner’s site. She heard about us via our KYW1060am podcast last week and is very excited about Almost Perfect! In fact, she’s so excited about it, she couldn’t even wait… Read more »

Maggie and Mitch – Because I Need Some Sanity

Okay, I admit it: I’m posting this solely because I need to add some sanity to the world. In the last hour, I’ve read about the unexpectedly steep increase in the melting of the polar ice caps; another mass shooting by some guy who lost his job; a little girl who disappeared from her home… Read more »

Well, I’ll be dogged!

Not necessarily about disabled pets, but about all kinds of dog subjects that could include such a topic is reiki practitioner Beth Lowell’s blog, “My Life With Dogs.” She writes about the life she shares with her dogs, Dasher and Bella, and a host of friends and neighbrs of varying species. Conversational, varied, interesting and… Read more »