jack russell terrier

Go Go Update

Okay, just a followup to a post from late last summer. Those of you who were with us here at Almost Perfect Pets then will remember the story I shared of my cousin getting a new (actually used) Jack Russell terrier named Go Go. Remember the skinny little girl whose photo I shared then? Well,… Read more »

Puppy Update

Okay, y’all – just wanted to update you on my cousin Chris’ new dog. Her name is now officially “GoGo!” And it fits her lively little Jack Russell self. Spoke with Chris yesterday and GoGo is adjusting well to her new home and surroundings. She has already been on several walks through the little tourist… Read more »

Woo Hoo! A Promotion Comes Home To Roost!

Well, sometimes things just work out, ya know? I am so very, VERY pleased and happy to report that my cousin, Chris Snyder, took to heart the message of “Adopt A Less-Adoptable Pet Day” and went out and adopted herself the cutest little Jack Russell terrier today! I went with her to pick her up… Read more »