lemon the duck

Lemon Likes Us!

Lemon the Duck I can’t remember if I ever posted this review from Lemon the Duck and her mom, so sharing it with you now! Lemon also has her own book.Almost Perfect would make good beach reading, so if you’re headed out for a vacation any time soon, pick up a copy and take these… Read more »

Lemon’s on Tour!

Photo by Tim Jean, staff photographer, Andover Townsman I’ve posted here about Lemon the duck before, but thought you might enjoy an update on her ramblings. Last week, Lemon visited the Professional Center for Child Development in Andover, Mass. He was accompanied by author Laura Backman, who wrote a children’s book about him and read… Read more »

Everything’s Just Ducky!

Here’s a great “up” ending to the year: the story of Lemon the Duck. Lemon is a crested Pekin. He was born with neurological issues which affect his coordination and balance. He is unable to stand or walk on his own, but he has a sling, a scooter, and other ways to get around. He… Read more »