Michael Vick

Take THAT, Michael Vick!

  Because the press can’t resist any level of sensationalism, it pretty much seems like any story involving a pit bull has some measure of horror to it. They usually don’t bother to cover the ones where the pit bull is the hero, but this one’s different. Yes, there is an element of horror, but… Read more »

Sticky gets a new home!

It’s been a bad month in Philly for animals. Among other things, some stupid dude duct-taped a small gray tiger cat from neck to toes and left her to die. Thankfully, he didn’t finish the job by covering her breathing apparatus, and someone called animal rescue, so she was saved. Here’s the happy story, telling… Read more »

Yet more good news!

Sadly, animals can and do become “less than perfect” through their treatment at the hands of human beings. Though nothing can ever really restore an animal’s full trust once damaged, there are happily programs to help make up for it. Here’s one to read about.