National Disabled Pets Day

Here Comes the Sun…

No, the hydrangeas aren’t out yet, but they will be soon… Hey, everybody — Happy Spring! I can’t remember the last time I was this glad to scoot Winter out the door and fling the door wide open for Spring to come through. Here in eastern Pennsylvania, we enjoyed a solid weekend of sunny skies… Read more »

Fame Finds Frankie!

Frankie has an important new job! Woot! Woot! Guess what, folks? Everybody’s favorite dachsie-on-wheels, Frankie the Walk n’ Roll Dog, has been named the official mascot of National Disabled Pets Day, the newly minted observation by the Animal Miracle Network! Check out their website, where you’ll see an absolutely ADORABLE photo of Frankie and her… Read more »

Oh, Hooray! We’re Official!

Beanie I learned this morning via Franny’s Cats Blog that the Animal Miracle Network had succeeded in getting May 3 recognized as National Disabled Pets Day! This is such a wonderful thing. It helps all of us who know the importance of raising awareness of the plight of special needs animals everywhere. And it’ll be… Read more »