Rainbow Bridge

Remembering Lucy

Lucy wasn’t a special needs dog, unless you count needing a little extra attention every time she entered a room. Lucy was just special. She worked as a therapy dog for special needs people, and I just wanted to share this little memorial from Lucy’s people. Lucy crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday, just shy of… Read more »

A Quack Grows Quiet

As you know, AlmostPerfectPets is a blog about all disabled pets, not just cats and dogs. Today, I’d like to share with you the too-short story of Sebastian the Duck, discovered struggling just to stay alive by her adopted mom, Sharon. Sharon and baby Sebastian She picked Sebastian out of a garbage pile and raised… Read more »

Are your pets afraid of storms?

You know, I think it varies as much as it does with children and adult humans, whether pets are afraid of thunderstorms. But our recent rash of severe weather got me to thinking about how different it is for special needs pets–especially those with physical disabilities–to cope with this common fear. Winkie and Boo Kitty… Read more »

Dear Deja: A Sad Farewell

A sweet memory: Deja at the beach As I get ready to have a multi-day, out-of-office experience (read: a working vacation), I find I must sign off on a sad note today. Four years ago, my sister and I took off for some bonding time alone, away from our families, to grieve the loss of… Read more »

Come. Sit. Stay!

What an original and excellent idea! Artist Kimberly Kelly Santini is an artist, specializing in pet portraiture. She has been painting daily dogs (and cats and horses and guinea pigs and bunnies) since 2006. Proceeds from the sale of these paintings support Kim and often animal-related causes, as well. Anyone who knows what it takes… Read more »