What people are saying about “Almost Perfect”:

“This touching collection of essays isn’t “almost” anything–it clearly hits the mark. These courageous pets offer a shining example of what it means to not only rise to challenges, but to succeed with wags and purrs. The talented authors keep readers smiling even through misty eyes. Bravo!” – Amy D. Shojai, Certified Animal Behavior Consultant, author of 22 pet care titles including co-editor of “Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul” and “Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul.”

“These wonderful stories about special needs animals and the compassionate people who care for them exemplify the unique human/animal bond. Opening up our hearts to the unconditional love of animals also brings the sorrow of losing them; these stories make it clear why it is worth taking the risk!” – Jan McHugh-Smith, President, San Francisco SPCA

“Wonderful stories! They will make you laugh, make you cry and overflow your heart with emotion. The special needs pets in this book and the people who love them will amaze you with their devotion to one another. This is a book that shows the true meaning of affection and commitment on every page.”– Kaye Powelson, Owner and Founder of Kittywhiskas online cat club

“If you aren’t an animal lover before reading this inspirational book, you will be afterwards. And if, like me, you’re already owned by a couple of pets, it’ll remind you why these faithful companions are so important to us.” – Jamie Anderson, singer-songwriter, composer of “When Cats Take Over the World”