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Carol Downie – Fountain Hills, Arizona

Carol Downie, Author

Carol and Simon

Simon on the Kitchen Floor

“Heroes come in all descriptions—including a fuzzy white cat, with three legs and a crooked smile, named Simon.” Simon may not be like other heroes, but Carol shares with readers of Almost Perfect how, with his gentle nature, he certainly acts like one. We could all take a cue from Simon’s grace, enduring hardships and purring through it all.

Carol Downie has a natural bent toward compassion and service, having been a language arts teacher, an instructor for “mutual respect” seminars and a volunteer gardener who worked with vulnerable youth. Aside from her affinity for her domestic animal companions, she indulges her passion for wildlife through outdoor activities. An avid outdoors enthusiast, Carol enjoys wilderness camping, scuba diving, gardening, and—in her new Arizona home—desert and mountain hiking.

Writing and Professional Background

  • Retired health care administrator
  • Essay titled “The Red Cup,” published in first issue of Conservation Minnesota magazine
  • 2007-2008: Personal Essay titled “Diving in Hawaii” published by Undercurrent Magazine
  • 1984: Chapter published in Clinical Laboratory Annual, titled “Computers in the Clinical Laboratory” published by Appleton-Century Crofts

Education and Personal

  • 1992: Attended University of Minnesota, granted M.A. in English and Literature
  • 1961: Attended University of Arkansas, granted a B.A. in Psychology

Other Activities

  • Carol is an avid outdoors enthusiast, including wilderness camping and gardening.
  • She leads a classic novel reading group at the Rochester Public Library.
  • Carol blogs weekly for Conservation Minnesota’s website.