Cheryl Caruolo & Krieg

Cheryl Caruolo, M.F.A. – Whitman, Massachusetts

Cheryl Caruolo, Author

Krieg & Hildegard


Krieg is the smallest puppy, lying still and isolated from his litter-mates, at bottom left.

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“Love keeping you alive?” The question was directed to Krieg, the German Shepherd that Cheryl Caruolo writes about in Almost Perfect. There was no other explanation for the longevity of the runt of the litter, not expected to live. Her essay describes what happened next.

Cheryl, a freelance writer/editor and certified holistic therapist in the Boston area, channels energy through ancient healing arts. She recognizes the parallels between energy work and the healing exchange between animals and humans in a loving relationship. Her affirming story of Krieg proves the power of such energy in overcoming adversity.

Writing and Professional Background

While her writing is diverse, Cheryl specializes in science, spirituality and personal essay. Her work has appeared in Reiki News, Thereby Hangs A Tale, Common Thought and Cezanne’s Carrot. Several of her pieces have been national literary contest winners. Currently her essay “Return” is part of the traveling multimedia project Experiencing the War in Iraq and her poem “Paradox” is part of the upcoming anthology Writers on the Train sponsored by Axiom Art Gallery in Boston.

Education and Personal

  • 2005: Lesley University of Cambridge, MA – M.F.A in Creative Writing
  • 2001: Northeastern University in Boston, MA – B.S. in Psychology