Crystal Parsons & Cagney

Crystal Parsons – Ottawa, Ontario – Canada


Crystal Parsons

“Life is precious, even if it comes in a very small package.”

Though she has always loved animals, this is not a statement Crystal Parsons would always have made. Like most people, she used to think rats were dirty creatures that no one could ever want as a pet. A small creature named Cagney would change all that, as he became her companion while she wrote her Master’s thesis.

How the disabled Cagney came to be the perfect muse—as well as a life-altering experience—is the story Crystal shares in Almost Perfect. Just how life-altering is obvious, when you consider that Crystal has gone on to adopt or rescue many other rats, including her current companions, Scoops and Mr. Harry Hershey Bigglesworth.

Almost Perfect marks Crystal’s first foray into publication.

Professional Background

  • Current: Independent curator of Canadian art, researcher and writer
  • 2006: Carleton University, Masters in Canadian art history
  • 2001: Memorial University of Newfoundland, Bachelor of Commerce

Volunteer Work

  • Crystal volunteers for the Heron Emergency Food Center