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Linda Bruno – Ferndale, Pennsylvania

Young Grover

Linda Bruno, Author

Grover & Abby

Grover & Abby

Grover & Abby

Mention “kitten” and “injured” in the same sentence, and there is no discussion: Linda’s your gal. But she had no idea that a tiny, golden-eyed kitten she committed to foster would teach her so much about handicapped animals…and about life. Grover has since worked his way into the hearts of many people. In turn, Linda has shared his heartwarming story with readers in Almost Perfect, encouraging them to consider the importance of handicapped animals in our lives.

These days, Linda makes sure Grover makes it safely through thunderstorms without being terrorized. If it storms in the night, Grover will scratch on his bedroom door until Linda comes to get him. He spends the duration of the storm with Linda, dozing peacefully. But as soon as the storm is over, he’s ready to go back to his own bed, and lets her know!

Writing and Professional Background

  • Currently: Writer and workshop facilitator
  • Fall of 2008: One of Linda’s stories is to be published in A Cup of Comfort: Christmas Through a Child’s Eye, published by Adams Media
  • 2007: Linda has a story in Letters to My Mother, published by Adams Media
  • 2006: One of her stories is included in Letters to my Teacher, published by Adams Media
  • 2005: Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul, published by Health Communications, contains one of Linda’s pieces.

Education and Personal

  • Attended Edison Community College
  • Attended Central Florida Community College

Volunteer Work and Other Activities

  • Volunteered for the local Humane Society
  • Provided foster homes for 17 cats in 2 years in her former Ohio home