Stacy Ewing’s Story: Wendy & Arrow

S. Stacia Ewing – Denton, Maryland

Wendy and Arrow

Stacy Ewing, Author


“Have you heard it said that certain dogs come into your life just when you need them most?” Thus begins Stacy Ewing’s story of Arrow, a spaniel mix whose harrowing experience brings him to someone who needs him as much as he needs her. It’s a tale about the gift of healing that animals bestow on us all, if only we’re open to the blessing.

Stacy learned the story from Arrow’s real-life rescuer, Wendy, a fulltime guardian angel on Earth and a dog groomer in her spare time. It’s an inspiring tale about following your heart with one simple guideline: No drama, just love.

Stacy believes that eventually, everyone can find their life’s purpose if they follow their hearts. And she should know: Listening to her own heart, she found her true calling as a writer after a 25-year career as a dental hygienist. She’s grateful for having done so, and for the chance to share the life-affirming message she learned from Arrow and Wendy through their story, which she shares with us in Almost Perfect.

Writing and Professional Background

  • Current: Dental sales and writing
  • 25 years as a Dental Hygienist with a switch in careers to freelance writing and proofreading
  • Stacy has had articles published in various professional journals in the dental field.

Education and Personal

  • Stacy is a lifelong resident of the metro Maryland.
  • 1981: Attended University of Maryland, granted a B.S. degree