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Bucks County Courier Times – “Believing Without Seeing”
An online Thanksgiving story  |  Download the PDF

The Intelligencer – “Believing Without Seeing”
A Thanksgiving story  |  Download the PDF

Fetch the Paper – “Local Author Praises Disabled Pets”
Interview with Vicki Tiernan   |   Download the PDF

Bay Woof – “Inspiration in Our Midst: Ruby”
Book Excerpt   |   Download the PDF


Publishers Weekly – The 2008 Pet Issue
Cover Story (September 1, 2008)

Mary Shafer, a marketing consultant in Ferndale, Pa., has four spirited cats, all rescued from shelters. This foursome, however, shares an unusual bond: they are each in some way disabled—like Idgie, for example, who was born without eyes. When Shafer, who started WordForge Books in 2005, couldn’t find any titles on pet disabilities, she decided to publish one—the result, out next month, is Almost Perfect—Disabled Pets and the People Who Love Them. As the book’s press release notes, ”It’s easy to be happy when life has been safe and protected, but it takes a special kind of critter to triumph over brutal circumstances that would make most people give up.” In Almost Perfect, 11 writers—Shafer is one—share true tales of courage, ingenuity, perseverance and inspiration on the part of companion animals that have become disabled either through birth defects or injury. And it’s not only the animals’ stories, Shafer points out: “it’s about the humans who found love enough to welcome them into their hearts and homes.” Shafer’s marketing backgorund is serving her in good stead: she’s planning a postcard mailing to U.S. and Canadian public libraries and U.S. school libraries; using her contributors’ media contacts to connect with broadcast and print media; inundate the blogosphere via publishers and authors; and target pet-related media with ongoing e-mail publicity. — D.D.

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Purina Pet Charts
Topping the charts in December, 2008   |   Download the PDF
Topping the chart in December, 2008   |   Download the PDF

L.A. Unleashed
The L.A. Times gives us lots of love   |   Download the PDF